Music has always accompanied me as an inner moment that I try to express to the outside world. All my studies and research have enabled me to make audible, what has always been there.
I gathered experience by being involved with many different styles and kinds of music and playing in various ensembles and bands
My studies were not limited to jazz or classical music, but had always been my motivation to create my own sound and find my personal musical language beyond stylistic borders.


in which I have played or am still playing:
Three Spirits (Vocal Jazz), Con Brio (Orchester in Würzburg), Suku Daruwe (Reggae Band aus Würzburg), G-Jazz Nomads (Jazzrock), Karin Bender and the Reason (Amerikana), Hanna Carlson (Vocal Jazz), Blue Planet Trio (Eigenkompositionen), Jazzthetics (Diverse Programme unter anderem mit Eigenkompositionen), Dreizack (Poesie und Musik), Barocco Nuevo (Barockmusik verjazzt), Palladim (Balkan, Klezmer und anderes), Nica's Dream (Swing, Bossa), Mony Maroney (Top 40),  Henning Dathe Trio (Bebop und Postbop), Wolkenmeer (Weltmusik), Smertin Trio (Vocal Jazz), and a lot more...


with whom I have played with:
Helge Adam, Corinna Stapf, Stefan Böhrer, Paul Höchstetter, Michael Wollny, Uwe Sausele, and nearly all musicians from Göttingen.


Some of my teachers have been:
Ede Brumund- Rüther, Detlev Baier, Lars Hansen, Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeier, Rudi Engel, Dieter Ilg, Christian Hellwich, Chris
Baier, Rainer Glas, Bill Elgar, ...


• 1996 to 1998 Jazz and pop music at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover
• 1998 to 2000 Jazz an pop music at the Konservatorium in Würzburg.
• Degree in Music in 2000.

Since 2000, I have been working as a musician and teacher for e-bass, double bass and guitar.

Further projects have been included
• Sternenmusik (music for 40 -60 recorders, jazz soloists and light)
• Steckenpferde (musical for children)
• Music for the Gods (a sound installation and musical accompaniment through the archeology collection of Göttingen)