blue planet trio

A trio playing originals –
wandering through inner and outer worlds of music...

Martin Tschoepe – Kontrabass
Tobias Latzko – Gitarre
Job Verweijen – Percussion


The music of blue planet trio is too various and rich to be reduced to just one style. It is a journey through the inner and outer worlds of music. Jazz mixes with classic, rock and funk as well as folk music, old music mixes with modern music. The music of the trio is an expression of the individuality of the three musicians that longs to create a unique musical language and world.
The trio wants to bring this world to the listener and invite him to float in it, to travel in its hidden worlds.
All compositions are written by Martin Tschoepe. The pieces are notes bound as short stories.
The compositions give space for the individuality of the musicians to develop their own voice and sound in the improvisation. A complex and distinct sound arises.
The instruments are used in various ways and combined as equals.
Bowed double bass melodies, soundful percussion and a carpet ofguitar sounds are face-to-face with conventional sounds.
The aim is always to serve the music and the story of the song.


Der Fluss


Traum unter Eis



traum unter eis - blue planet trio

Wüstennacht - blue planet trio


Talking with fast head

Treibgut Suite

Peace of Baroque

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