Further Projects

As a musician and composer, I'm always looking for new challenges and tasks.
The projects listed here will therefore not be the last ones. >>> Contact




Other Projects and bands:


Jonathan McNaught Trio:

The trio with the young pianist Jonathan McNaught from Cheltenhamoriginated from the partnership of Göttingen with Cheltenham, . There were two concerts, including one in the Old Town Hall in Göttingen on 04/04/2014. The instrumentation comprises Jonathan McNaught piano, Martin Tschoepe double bass and Bernd Nawothnig on drums. Here are some videos from the concerts.
Further cooperation and concerts are in planning .....


Jonathan McNaught Trio "Out of a meditation" and "Promenade"

Jonathan McNaught Trio "Mamemimomu"

 Jonathan McNaught Trio "Waiting five years"



Henning Dathe Trio:

Henning Dathe Guitar, Martin Tschoepe double bass und Sven von Samson drums.


Henning Dathe Trio "Mix What"  

Henning Dathe Trio - "I Remember You"